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Prj Archive

I feel I have to range between different types of motion design

Prj fields: 2D/3D Motion Design, Branding, Graphic Design, Compositing, Editing, Visual Effects

This is an archive of other projects completed over the years, some small and some more complex. Even in the smallest graphic work I try to put my all into it, creating something that I can enjoy and that makes me learn something new.

Logo motion

When I see a visual identity, I can’t help but imagine the many ways in which that graphic can be animated. Motion design is storytelling. Animation helps to understand the process behind a visual form, characterising the graphic even more deeply.

Design process

Behind every output there is always a design process, made up of thoughts, references, trials, errors and surprises. I have always tried to find new ways of solving different requests, giving each artefact a personal and unique aesthetic.

“I feel like motion design is about story”

Liz Blazer – 2019

Type animation

Design and typography have always been closely linked. typography is often a cue for the work of a motion designer, which is made up of attention to both form and detail.