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Creativity . Motion Design . Visual Effects
About the project

Visual and motion creativity for a short corporate documentary

Role: Creativity, Motion Design, Visual Effects

Gianni is the founder of Biochimica, a large company based in Bologna. This short film traces some of the key moments in company’s history through the narration of its founder. Sequences were designed in which close-up shots and cable TV effects highlights details and strong aesthetics of old commercials and archive videos. The titles and typography play with the footage through tracking, masking and blurring effects, so as to integrate them within the environment.

Vintage Photography and VHS Effect

The old low-quality commercials have been reworked to be usable in detailed views and make it look like they’re presented through an old TV screen. The images taken on site, together with old archive shots, have been modified to make them consistent with the aesthetics of the documentary and animated through a transition that simulates the photographic shot.

“Ho sempre avuto la mania di inventare, di fare qualche cosa”

Gianni Scapoli

Motion Design . Compositing . Visual Effects