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Kia EV6
Creativity . Motion Design . 3D Animation
About the project

3D animation and match-cut for the new Kia EV6 model

Role: Creativity, 3D animation, Motion Design, Visual Effects

Starting with new model of Kia EV6, animated 3D video sequences were created. This sequences are part of the first episode of “Moving Inspiration” series and they recall a design software context. Editing pushes the viewer in and out of car design process, entering the screen and presenting, through match-cuts, both the study of vehicle’s aerodynamics and final appearance of car model in studio. In addition to this, we created animated titles for every episode.

Faking Rhino interface

Rendering of model and materials have been designed to recall the real digital model used on Rhinoceros software. Lights movements were used to highlight main car profile lines.

“Il nostro processo creativo è come un’architettura, tutto deve essere messo in dialogo”

Ludovica Serafini
Creativity . Motion Design . Visual Effects