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L'è Tutt Chì
Art Direction . Graphic Design . Videomaking
About the project

A territorial communication project to tell stories and memories of Val Taro, Parma, Italy.

Role: Concept, Branding, Video Direction and Editing, Motion Graphic, Photography

The project is linked to the “Ettore Guatelli” Museum Foundation and uses the objects in the collection as a narrative pretext to introduce the user to the area and people who lived there. Goal of the project is to take the user through an experience that tell memories of what happened in Museum and surrounding places, of the people who lived there. We developed a communication system based on different devices and types of interactions.

Fondi o coperchi di scatole diventavano else di spade, scudi di burattini o timoni per le barchette.

Ettore Guatelli

AR & Interviews

We designed a sound experience inside the Museum and a photographic inventory booklet that collects photographs, notes, stories of some objects. Video interviews were shooted to use both online and through augmented reality. The website acts as a collector of all contents and transposes the entire experience in digital form.

Studio X01
Creativity . Motion Design . 3D Animation