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Art Direction . Motion Design . Video Editing
About the project

Booktrailer and graphic design system for the book Pinocchio by Carlo Collodi

Role: Concept, Graphic Design, Motion Graphic, Video Editing, Audio Editing

Using the animated collage technique, we created a video to intrigue potential readers about the tale of Pinocchio, trying to communicate its essence, its expressiveness, emotionality, involvement. Along with the booktrailer, a system of artefacts was designed including a series of paper posters, two tactile covers and an instagram profile.

AE and Spark AR

Five instagram filters have been created reflecting the characteristics of different characters of the tale and animated stickers were used to create custom collages on instagram stories.

“Never trust people who promise to make you rich in a day. They are generally crazy swindlers”

Carlo Collodi . Pinocchio

Kia EV6
Creativity . Motion Design . 3D Animation