I Miei Migliori Complimenti

Art Direction and Motion Design for I Miei Migliori Complimenti Live at MiAmi Festival 2024

This was a project that I particularly cared about. During the live performance at MiAmi festival we wanted I Miei Migliori Complimenti to have strongly identifiable visual content that stemmed from a reflection on creative processes.

We wanted to tell Walter’s personality, but do it through different modalities, reinterpreting the ways in which tools collaborate and coexist within the visual creation processes.

Walter is still Walter, but each time he’s different. His figure is modeled and modified by passing through 3D models, generative software and AI image creation, while remaining traceable to the original. The visual scenario is accomplished through the humor and the originality that characterizes both I Miei Migliori Complimenti and Galattico Studio’s work.

It was fun to shoot videos and tracking some typography just one day before the live show!
Videos with the handycam made by Leonardo Puca
Live concert footage by Filippo Manfroi